What to Actually Watch in Netflix Streaming: The Last Man on Earth

“You may say I'm a streamer, but I'm not the only one.”

With all the options available for Netflix streaming, it's hard to find a movie sometimes. You may only have time to watch one or two, but there are thousands to browse through. I'm picking out some of the hidden gems, often movies that are hard to find or not available on DVD. — Bucky Sinister

If I were really good at editing video, I'd make my own movie by clipping together my favorite scenes from The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man, and I Am Legend. They're all adaptations of the same book by Richard Matheson, I Am Legend. While the second and third films have been seen by many, The Last Man on Earth isn't as well known.

Vincent Price stars in this movie that is, for many minutes of screen time, a one-man show. Price is given full reign over the scenery, to sulk and mope around as he conducts his experiments. Additionally, he narrates the film with that unmistakable voice. It's one of his best roles, one of my favorites, along with The Fly (also streaming) and House of Wax.

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