Why Are People Stealing Journalists' Equipment?

Robbers appear to be targeting Bay Area photojournalists and TV crews. Why do journalists make such good targets?

[jump] They’re required to present both sides of the robbery.

Truth may be priceless, but items used to uncover it can be fenced for a lot of cash.

It is incredibly hard to find a piece of technology that can make video recordings.

Covering the Biennial of the International Society of Pickpockets, Cattle Rustlers, and Highwaymen at Moscone was just asking for it.

“Criming while on camera” is the new selfie.

Dumbass bros are finally over “F—- Her in the P——,” so we shouldn't really complain.

Journalists are so beaten down by industry practices that at this point they can barely fight back.

This isn’t actually a trend. People in the media just like to talk about themselves.

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