Why Are the Bay Area's Roads So Bad?

A new non-profit report says the Bay Area’s roads are the worst in the nation. Why are our roads so bad?

[jump] · No justice, no roads.

· We haven’t got an “Uber for quarterly transportation funding allocations and infrastructure maintenance.”

· Illegal immigrants are taking our Quikrete!

· One man’s “pothole” is another man’s “three-dimensional negative space graffiti installation.”

· Ross Mirkarimi, if Ed Lee can possibly pin this on him.

· Cyclists' refusal to come to a complete stop causes severe wear-and-tear on asphalt.

· So much smugness makes Google buses really heavy.

· Jerry Brown's “rainy-day fund” inadequate for covering massive repair costs incurred on that one day it actually rained.

· San Francisco’s 2015-17 budget only $9 billion.

· Our roads aren’t “bad” – they’re artisanal!

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