Will Durst Saves Us From Election Year Hell, 'Cause if We Don't Laugh, We'll Cry

A good joke reminds comedian Will Durst of poetry.

“We highlight active verbs, there's economy of language and leading with an impression of a feeling,” Durst says. “That's what a poem does.”

Durst showcases his poetic humor at the Marsh Theater every Tuesday until Election Day (Nov. 6) with his show Elect to Laugh.

When Durst started doing comedy, it was during the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, so many of his jokes were political.

“It was rock 'n' rollers who wanted to sit down and hear the lyrics,” he says about his audience then.

Durst hopes to bring such people back to stand-up comedy with his material. He is not confessional, like some of the young comics starting out, he says.

“They get involved with the presentation and authenticity,” he says. “For me, it's the joke. I'm joke, joke, joke. I call myself a joke hose with a Thesaurus. I like language.”

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