Yesterday's Male Ironworker Is Today's Female Comedian — Morgan Leads Girl Junk

Joey was a career ironworker in New Jersey who suffered a two-story fall on a job site that left him near death. Yet as paramedics showed up and co-workers surrounded him, his chief concern was not dying. It was being cut out of his clothes, which would reveal shaved legs and toenails painted red. For decades, Joey had been living a lie.

Today Joey is living truly, as Morgan. The accident – a fall from the 28th floor to the 26th, was horrific. A cable prevented the fall from being six more stories yet caused a lacerated liver. Other injuries included 20 breaks in arm bones, and multiple breaks in the pelvis. Morgan now has a rod in her leg, along with eigh carriage bolts.

“I had to fall two stories as an iron worker to realize how precarious life is. That was my wake-up call that was when I realized how quickly your life can change,” says Morgan.

Morgan is a professional comedian and storyteller who appears tonight at Viracocha in a variety show called Girl Junk, the first in a monthly series.

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