Your Fetus Doesn't Need Facebook

In my Facebook newsfeed, I saw that one of my friends added an unborn child to her profile in the “friends and family” section. It creeped me out. Is this really necessary? What's next — deceased relatives? Pets? Am I just being miserly? 

Enough Is Enough

Oh, that Facebook. Always pregnant — with ideas! In terms of deceased relatives, FB already offers memorial pages, and I think we can all attest to being friend-requested by our co-worker's cat (or equivalent), whose hobbies include “sitting on the computer” and “reading Garfield comics LOL JK I can't read.” In other words, the future is now, my friend. And yes, it involves Facebook fetuses. Expectant parents can add unborn children to their profiles, as well as a name and the due date, if you're into that. Take heart, though, at least there's not (yet) an option that notes when a lady is on her period or apps that report on your digestion (probably because people voluntarily supply that information already).

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