Your Next Asian American Role Model Might Be a Serial Killer in a Film Called Chink

The past year has been quite tumultuous for America's model but oft-ignored minority. First came the Tiger Mom, whose maternal roars brought forward a number of long-entrenched stereotypes and misconceptions into the public eye. Fast forward to a month ago and the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin — “Linsanity” made a Palo Alto-bred, Jesus-quoting, Harvard-grad Asian kid the coolest guy on the basketball court. Inevitably we have to ask: Who can be the next cultural icon to again elevate the image of Asian Americans in mainstream media? If a couple of hotshot filmmakers have their way, that icon will resemble the wholesome blood expert Dexter Morgan — yes, a ruthless serial killer with heart.

The filmmakers are screenwriter Koji Sakai, director Stanley Yung, and producer Quentin Lee, a Berkeley-grad whose own indie film credits include Shopping for Fangs, Flow, Drift, and Ethan Mao. Their new film, currently in production, carries a rather incendiary title of Chink. We chatted with writer Sakai to find out exactly what made him want to make an Asian American serial killer movie.

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