21st Amendment Hosts Belgian Beer School

Class is in session next Tuesday, Nov. 11th, when 21st Amendment hosts a Belgian Beer School in conjunction with Dave McLean of Magnolia Brewing. The evening event is built around a beer and food pairing designed to give guests an appreciation for the complex characteristics defining the Belgian brewing tradition. If only they taught stuff like this in undergrad… [jump]

Belgian Beer School coincides with the BRU/SFO Project, an annual collaboration between Magnolia and 21st Amendment every November. Named after the airports of Brussels and San Francisco, BRU/SFO is marked by the release of a dozen Belgian-inspired one-offs, six from each brewery. The first offerings hit the taps on the first of this month, including Framboise Forte d'Or—a slightly tart golden ale made with raspberries—and Vina, an easy-drinking Belgian Single brewed with Chardonnay must. The pair will be on draft along with half a dozen others during the Beer School, all served opposite specially crafted fare from 21st Amendment's crowd-pleasing kitchen. 

Brewing in Belgium is a venerated tradition dating back to the 12th Century, outdating the country itself by several hundred years. There's a great deal to be explored when studying styles that have evolved over the better part of a millennium. Assuredly, it would be impossible to exhaust such a lengthy curriculum in the two hours allotted for this event. But professors McLean and( 21st Amendment co-founder) Shaun O'Sullivan are going to give it the old college try. It'll be interesting to see how incisive they manage to get, versus how much they leave up to the beers to speak for themselves.

If your friends constantly accuse you of being a 'beer geek', and you embrace that title as a badge of honor, here's a chance to get to the top of the class. Tickets, available here, are inclusive of all food and drink for $49. Belgian Beer School starts promptly at 7 p.m. Detention for those that show up late. 

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