4505 Meats' Bacon-Filled Hot Dogs Go National. You're Welcome, America

Why there's no end to the strategies humans can devise for absorbing animal fats. The things we've seen: burger patties fortified with ground bacon or duck fat, even stacked layer cakes stuffed with pies. It's awe-inspiring.

Add 4505 Meats' bacon-filled hot dogs to the honor list of the lipid-pumped. They're the 4505 dogs you've grown to love, studded with nubbly nits of Niman Ranch uncured bacon. “It's a dog I've been making by hand for a long time,” Farr told us. “When you grill it over medium heat, it plumps, and right when it's about to explode, the bacon melts, and it bursts in your mouth.” Somebody hand us a napkin.

And because this is a city that cares about its national image, Farr's bacon dogs are the first 4505 product to go national (they'll be shipped out Tuesdays for Thursday deliveries). But, says Farr, if you're local, make a trip to the Thursday or Saturday Ferry Plaza farmers' markets and pick up a pack in person. Otherwise the shipping cost can kill you ― if the animal fats don't get there first. Order online at 4505's website.

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