4505 Meats Holiday Box Packs a Party

Ryan Farr, the evil genius behind the 4505 Meats Chicken Yum Yum sandwich and supplier of such meaty treats as the artisan turducken, is turning his talents to the holidays for this month's 4505 CSA, $75.

Think party in a box: a crowd-size bag of Farr's famous crispy chicharrones ― the pork equivalent of cotton candy ― three types of sausage, a terrine, cookies, and eggnog. You get over a pound of each sausage (black trumpet mushroom cotecchino; duck and nutmeg; and boudin noir, a traditional Christmas treat), but we're most excited about the pork terrine en crôute, a loaf of spiced ground pork baked in the warm, buttery embrace of brioche. A dozen rosemary lard cookies round things out, along with a 32-ounce jug of a special family-recipe eggnog ― meat free, but add your own booze to make it extra special.

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