4505 Meats Offers World Series CSA Cooler, New Pickup Location

Those lame wagers mayors make with each other before events like the Super Bowl and World Series? Where the mayor of Dallas, say, pledges half a dozen rib racks to the mayor of New Orleans if the Cowboys lose? Well, we have a suggestion for Mayor Newsom for his World Series wager with the mayor of Arlington, Tex.: Avoid the usual Dungeness-and-sourdough offer, and instead pledge a 4505 Meats World Series cooler.

Part of 4505's CSA pickup offering, the cooler contains a beer- and jalapeno-braised brisket, spicy peanut cracker jacks, chicharron bean dip, 4505-made Fritos, “big-ass bag o' chicharrones,” and pork “butter” rillette, all for $55. And since 4505 is adding a new Wednesday CSA pickup location at Local Mission Eatery, this week's World Series cooler contains sweets from LME's Knead Patisserie. For an extra $25, you can kick up to a 4505 Delux World Series cooler, all of the above plus half a dozen beer brats (buns and 4505-made condiments included), and as many Gigante Dogs (100 percent beef links with cheddar and jalapenos).

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