4505 Meats Taking Thanksgiving Orders for Turducken

Inevitably, Thanksgiving is a holiday about the act of stuffing: pigs in blanket, bread in turkey cavities, tempeh and wild rice in scooped-out halves of acorn squash. Just like last year, 4505 Meats is offering the ultimate totem of stuffed-item centerpieces: turducken. That's a boned chicken, stuffed in a boned duck, stuffed in a boned turkey, and all of it stuffed with cornbread and sausage. Last year 4505 offered the turducken in two sizes ― big and monstrously huge ― and sold out in two days. This year 4505's dangling only a single monstrously large size, priced at $275 (up from last year), and perched on a mess of root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

Two pickup dates are available, Nov. 23 in Hayes Valley and Nov. 24 in the Mission. To order, send an e-mail to meats@4505meats.com with your name, number, and pickup date.

Now, $275 is steep, we agree. But boning three birds is finicky work, and nobody says you have to serve turducken in the first place, plus 4505 says one behemoth serves “25+ mouths.” On a budget, but still craving something extravagantly stuffed? Consider the DIY cherpumple.

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