482-Pound Man Endorses the Carl's Jr. Weight-Loss Plan

A 482-pound Antioch resident credits Carl's Jr. with helping him slim down. A man named Michael Moore claims that eating Carl's Jr. every day last year helped him to lose weight — around 100 pounds.

As Erin Sherbert writes on our sister blog, The Snitch, after he hit 576 pounds in 2010 Moore decided to try an all-meat diet. Enter Carl's Jr.:

Moore told SF Weekly that for the last year, he has eaten nothing but plain meat patties which he ordered from — of all places — the Carl's Jr. by his house. The next obvious question is why Carl's Jr. and not Subway, which gained attention after 34-year-old Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds in one year by eating Subway sandwiches.

“Subway is not close enough,” Moore tells us, laughing. “Carl's Jr. is right by my house — and it's fantastic.”

Currently, Moore is receiving no compensation from Carl's Jr. (Or Hardee's!) There's much more about all this here, in Sherbert's report.

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