A First Peek at Marlowe's Menu

Workmen were setting black tiles to form a capital “M” yesterday at the threshold of the SOMA restaurant formerly known as South Food + Wine Bar (330 Townsend at Fourth St.). Late last year, owner Anna Weinberg shook off South's Aussie concept along with her partners. She's hoping to relaunch in approximately two weeks as Marlowe, an American-rustic bistro inspired by family memories of her great-grandfather's butcher shop in South Boston. The opening's timing has been complicated by a family emergency for chef Jennifer Puccio.

South's décor filled the light-challenged space near Caltrain with natural textures and mod arabesques. Marlowe skews heartland prim: tables of reclaimed Idaho barn wood, white octagonal floor tiles, butcher block. A tattoo artist is undertaking chalkboard illustrations of food animals. Arnold Wong of Eos consulted on small upgrades to the tight kitchen.

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