A Spicy Taste of Austin in a Mellow SOMA Parking Lot

Yesterday morning SFoodie veered off our usual bike route to stumble upon a sleepy, laid-back version of SOMA's lunchtime darling, the food bus Le Truc. After prior lunches here amongst marauding techie hordes, discovering Le Truc's mellow morning vibe was a treat. Also, there were tacos.

The a.m. menu boasts tri-tip and egg on an English muffin and a hefty-sounding “breakfast bowl,” but the breakfast tacos are clearly belles of the ball. Le Truc co-owner Blake Tally hails from Austin, the undisputed national hub of this Tex-Mex favorite. Tally was dismayed to learn he couldn't find breakfast tacos when he moved to the Bay Area two years ago. “People were like, 'I know a few places that serve a great breakfast burrito…' but tacos were nowhere around,” he recalls. “Thing is, a burrito is way more food than I need in the morning. Give me a couple six-ounce tacos and I'm good to go!”

In Austin, the breakfast taco's only standard is a flour tortilla, egg, and cheese. After that, it's add-what-you-like time. Le Truc's version comes with smoky Niman bacon, cheddar, sautéed onions and garlic, red jalapeno, potatoes, scallion, and cilantro, topped with a healthy squirt of house-made Tapatio aioli. The sweet squish of onions and garlic are an ample soother for the taco's peppery kick, with the bacon, egg, and cheese providing a sturdy base. It's a well-constructed mix, and at $3 a pop (two for $5), you won't break the bank before work.

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