ABV Launches Over Proof, a Bar-Within-A-Bar

It's a rotating, quarterly project upstairs that'll kick off with "Flip-Flop," a rum-filled tiki. And in a first for ABV, there will be forks!

ABV, the award-winning cocktail bar on 16th Street, will open a bar-within-a-bar upstairs from the main action called Over Proof next Monday, Jan. 23. It’ll change concepts every three months or so, and kick off with a rum-filled tiki experience called Flip-Flop. After a year, ABV will move on to something else entirely.

Over Proof is reservation-only — with two seatings on Mondays through Thursdays, at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. — and parties of up to six will get a five-course, $80 tasting menu from Chef Collin Hilton spaced out over an hour and half. As the cocktails aren’t strict pairings, the atmosphere is lively and informal, full of vintage rum/rhum ads and the occasional Sonic Youth coaster here and there.

Sonic Youth coasters! And maps of the Caribbean! (Peter Lawrence Kane)
Sonic Youth coasters! And maps of the Caribbean! (Peter Lawrence Kane)

The drinks include a Pink Flamingo made with three types of bitters and a clever version of a Cuba Libre that, although presented from a glass Coca-Cola bottle, contains no Coke whatsoever. On the nosh side, look for shrimp ceviche, rum ham musubi, and skewers of jerk chicken thighs with coriander and winter fruits.

Flip-Flop wraps up in late April, at which point it will become a showcase for whiskeys of the world. So unless you already bought a ticket to Martinique and are planning on kicking your flip-flops off and burying your dogs in warm Caribbean sand, you’d better get on it.

Flip-Flop, Jan. 23 – April 20, in ABV’s Over Proof, 3174 16th St., overproofsf.com


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