After Roller Coaster Eviction Day, Ike's Place Is Staying Put

Although a Superior Court judge ruled this morning that Ike's Place would face eviction today, a technicality has left that null. In court this morning, Judge Peter J. Busch ruled that the eviction of Ike's would proceed by 5 p.m. today. But the attorney for Ike Shehadeh discovered an error in the lawsuit by landlord Denman Drobisch, meaning that the eviction is now off. “We were evicted this morning, but there was a technicality that the opposing party didn't catch,” Shehadeh told SFoodie. “Ike's place is not evicted; the sheriff confirmed today that they cannot evict us.”

The technicality had to do with the parties named. Instead of Ike's Place, the suit named co-owners Shehadeh and his mother, Huda, along with the owner of Daimaru Sushi, which leases space to the sandwich shop. Since Ike's Place is an LLC, the ruling has no practical effect on the business. To proceed, lawyers for the landlord will have to file a new suit against Ike's Place.

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