Alien Pastry Chefs, Nice Baristas, and Fall Cocktails: This Week in Food Bloggery

Highlights from the blog this week: 

1. Have you read Lauren Smiley's great profile of Oscar Yedra yet? Yedra's a master butcher who, until now, has remained low profile in a food scene turning butchers into artisans (at minimum), even celebrities. SFoodie accompanied the cover story with a video of the man leading his team to victory in Eat Real Festival's beef butchering contest.

2. Is Sweet Genius host Ron Ben-Israel an evil space-alien genius? After watching the show, Michael Leaverton is convinced he deserves recognition along the lines of Ming the Merciless and Khan Noonien Singh.

3. In his interview with Noah Sanders, Verve Coffee's Colby Barr talks frankly about the issue that perplexes many coffee drinkers and is ignored by the geekerati: customer service. If SFoodie lived in Santa Cruz, we'd patronize his shop every day — as it is, we pick up his beans at the Frog Hollow Farms stand in the Ferry Building.

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