An Early Peek at Eat Real Fest Oakland's Street-Food Vendor List

Organizers of the Oakland edition of the Eat Real Street Food Fest in August have been announcing the event's growing vendor list one by one on Twitter. Instead of tracking down these peripatetic purveyors on their erratically scheduled street rounds, Eat Real is gathering up a carefully curated group for this one-time-only feeding frenzy. And to save you from scrolling through Eat Real's Twitter feed, here's the lineup so far:

  • Seafood chowder from Half Moon Bay's Sam's Chowder Van
  • Salvadoran pupusas from Estrellita's Snacks, an Alemany market favorite
  • Mexican antojitos from Los Cilantros of the Tuesday Berkeley farmers' market

  • Down-home cooking from Zella's Soulful Kitchen in Oakland
  • Food from Mexican café Chaac Mool in Fruitvale
  • Exotic pastries from San Francisco's GobbaGobbaHey
  • Pizza Politana's hand-tossed pizzas otherwise found only at famers' markets in San Rafael, Novato, and Petaluma
  • Botanas Felicitas' spicy pepitas
  • Juices from San Francisco's Urbanectar
  • Each vendor will feature one or two signature items, all made with some sustainable ingredients, and nothing priced over $5. And there's more to come.


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