Anti-American Apparel Campaign Founder Goes After Blue Bottle Cart

Stephen Elliott.

Stephen Elliott, local author (The Adderall Diaries, Happy Baby) and the man who launched last year's successful grassroots campaign to keep an American Apparel store out of the Mission, learned out about the Blue Bottle coffee cart going into Dolores Park last Tuesday. The more he learned, the angrier he got.

This was after the Sept. 27 Park and Rec meeting where many of the local opponents of the cart voiced their opposition. He was at the subsequent meeting last Thursday, though, at which Park and Rec granted final approval to the permit giving Blue Bottle as well as La Cocina — and its subtenant, El Huarache Loco — the right to set up mobile food trailers in the park.

Now Elliott, backed by many of the same opponents mentioned in previous posts about this topic (our past coverage is indexed below), has started a blog, Stop the Trailer. As he did with the previous campaign he launched, he's designing postcards and posters to distribute.

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