Are There Just Too Damn Many Food Blogs in This Town?

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Is the fun of food being drowned in an overabundance of published information? That's the suggestion behind Sara Deseran's “The Feed Frenzy” in the August issue of 7×7. For a city small enough to make passing through a gallery of familiar faces pretty much impossible, San Francisco has a New York-size corps of online food media. Deseran:

The pure amount of information unfolding by the minute on the Internet has created a frenzy that can make a food editor's heart race like they've had one too many espressos. By my count, including 7×7's own Bits + Bites, there are currently at least seven major sites–from Grubstreet to Bay Area Bites to Tablehopper–whose sole mission is to report on the minutia of SF's restaurant scene. There are forums such as Yelp and Chowhound, as well as dailies such as Tasting Table, Daily Candy, Thrillist, Urban Daddy and most recently Blackboard Eats, which offers deals from restaurants. More restaurant news can be found on SFist, SF Appeal and neighborhood-centric sites such as Mission Mission. Add to that the pastime of Foodspotting and Foursquaring; personal blogs such as Food Fashionista; Facebook fan groups; and oh, yeah, Twitter.

Is it all becoming too much, or is S.F. a city with a bottomless appetite for food content? Troll around Deseran's thoughtful piece and report back.

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