Arizmendi Bakery's Secret Weapon: Auntie Mabel's Kookie Brittle

“This is the best cookie in San Francisco!” exclaimed a worker-owner of Arizmendi Bakery when the Cook E. Monster's sights descended on Auntie Mabel's Kookie Brittle.

It looks like a square-ish cut of a chocolate chip cookie, but conceals an arsenal of chopped and mixed nuts and is baked to a candy-like crisp that admirably doesn't get stuck in your teeth like actual candy brittle. The chocolate-to-cookie ratio is generous so there's chocolate in every bite. We're not sure if Auntie Mabel is someone's real aunt, but we would want to go to her house for dessert.

It may not be the absolute best cookie in San Francisco (it's so hard to pick favorite children, after all), but it is so good that you'll forgive Arizmendi spelling “cookie” with a K.

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