Ashbury Market Kicks Off Street-Food Tuesdays: Adobo Hobo, Gumbo Man, Sweet Constructions

Cole Valley's street-food experiment is expanding. Two weeks after SF Delicious and Mad4Madeleines began selling on Thursday nights from Ashbury Market's deli annex, more vendors are making an appearance. Tomorrow marks the Tuesday night debut of another pack of pavement cuisiniers: Adobo Hobo, The Gumbo Man, and Sweet Constructions.

Ashbury owner Resat Turgut says that, like Thursdays, the market's Tuesday dinners are an experiment to scope neighborhood demand. And he says he'd like to extend the experiment to other nights of the week ― like, potentially, seven, with different groups of vendors selling on different nights. For tomorrow, Adobo Hobo's Jason Rotairo says the company's usual chicken leg adobo will be on offer, as well as adobo tacos. Something new, too: achara, jars of Philippines-style pickled carrots, the recipe courtesy of Rotairo's grandma from Cavite.

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