Azul and Its Bar Manager Michael Callahan Bid Farewell to San Francisco

Michael Callahan at work
With Azul Lounge closing, the question of where bar manager Michael Callahan will end up has finally been answered: Singapore. The veteran bartender has been tapped to open an American/European style bar called 28 HongKong Street (both its name and address), where he'll serve classic and progressive cocktails in a short menu of 8 to 12 drinks.

Callahan hopes to explore the local fruits, herbs, and spices to develop drinks that incorporate regional flavors with classic techniques. He is also working with a local icemaker to have large blocks of ice made with various teas for use in punch bowls, along with plain water for hand carving into cocktails. He aims to create the most diverse collection of spirits in Singapore. It will be sourcing much of their own back bar, with a nod to the Bay Area showing up in the form of Anchor Distilling whiskeys, No. 209 gin, and Hangar One vodka.

Callahan leaves next week, but you can find him tonight and tomorrow working the early shift (5:30-9 p.m.) behind the bar at Gitane. Enjoy a last call on his drinks and wish him well on his international journey.

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