BABY GOATS!: CUESA's Goat Festival Is Saturday, April 16

“Charismatic megafauna” is the term for adorable, endangered animals that hog all the attention and prevent even more ecologically important species from the vital protection and funding they deserve. (Vexed biologists usually cite the giant panda as the biggest culprit.)

Well, unless your militant vegan friend starts up again, you don't need to feel guilty about loving cute animals if you go to the Ferry Building on Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for Goatchella, technically known as CUESA's Baby Goat Festival.

[jump] This is the eighth time this cuteness overload bonanza is happening, and the breeds on display include Saanen, Nubian, Alpine, and La Mancha goats. Do none of those names ring a bell with you? Good! That means you're probably an urbanite who may lacks a meaningful connection to the land, and you should be one of the many thousand of people who goes and learns about goats and the role they play in where your food comes from. It's $5 to pet the baby goats from Toluma Farms, the organic sheep-and-goat dairy in Marin, and you need to buy tickets in advance.

There's also a free market-to-table demo at 10:30 a.m. with One Market's Mark Dommen, local goat cheese tastings paired with preserves from the Ferry Building Farmers Market, an animal welfare talk at noon, and a scavenger hunt for goat products that starts at 8 a.m. (Get a map from the CUESA Info Booth and sample some goat barbacoa tacos from 4505 Meats; Meyer lemon, strawberry, and goat cheese scones from Batter Bakery; and more.)

Are you all like, “I want to like baby goats, but those rectangular pupils weird me out”? It's not because they're possessed, but rather an evolutionary adaptation that enables them to scan wide swaths of space for prey while preventing direct sunlight from bleaching anything out of their vision during the day.

Also: baby goats! Here are some more pictures of baby goats.

CUESA's Eighth Annual Goat Festival, Saturday, April 16, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., at the Ferry Building.

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