Backlash Against Annoying Yelpers Continues at Burr-Eatery

Following on the heels of the public meltdown of SOMA restaurant SO (and its sign on the door excoriating its customers who inquire about gluten-free options), Eater brings word of another sign at the popular food truck Burr-Eatery.

“Our traditional recipes are 300 years old! In Colonial Mexico, no one was gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, etc. Neither are we,” reads the sign, which owner Aaron Bullington told Eater was a reaction against negative Yelp reviews he was getting for serving traditional Sonoran tacos. “We're doing a particular kind of food that has its own culture and its own recipe,” he says. The truck was getting dinged in online reviews for not accommodating dietary preferences.

[jump] It's a tricky line to navigate, though.  While endless questions about dietary restrictions and if the burritos contain guacamole, sour cream, and other non-traditional ingredients must be super-annoying — and the authenticity of the tacos is what draws people like contributor Lou Bustamante, who wrote a beautiful essay about the burritos remind him of his childhood — hating on your customers seems like a risky business strategy.

Then again, a solitary food truck is rarely the only option in any situation, and picky customers can probably go elsewhere without much problem. Maybe the sign help save time for customers who can't or don't want to eat the food — and leave the line lighter for the rest of us.

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