Bacon and Snowballs Roll Out, Venga Sets Up Shop, Four New Coffee Shops, and More

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Food Truck News: Who doesn't like bacon? Okay, I don't, but I'm a rarity, which is a good thing for Bacon Bacon Truck. Inside Scoop reports the porcine truck from former E&O general manager Jim Angelus is set to debut at Off the Grid in mid-July. Menu items include Devil's Canyon root beer and all things bacon, including sandwiches, fries with pork belly trimmings, and bouquets. Yes, nothing says “I love you” like a bundle of bacon.

Tasting Table shares that Skylite Snowballs has returned to the scene from an extended break just in time for the heatwave. The shaved-ice truck from Katie Balm features flavors like Tcho chocolate, jasmine tea, and Four Barrel coffee. Find the frozen treats parked outside Oakland's Star Grocery and at Berkeley's Off the Grid.

After a New York vacation, Tablehopper is back with a list of openers and closures. Earlier this year we mentioned that Venga Empanadas was headed to a brick-and-mortar; now comes word that it's set to open at 433 Valencia (at 15th St.) this Friday. With bad news often comes good: Ton Yong Thai Café has closed, but Great Saigon (915 Kearny at Jackson) opened down the street, and Preet's has become Vegan Plaza (995 Market at Sixth St.). And half of the Martha & Bros. have turned their signs around (literally) and painted a new moniker across the back: Cumaica Coffee. The new coffee shop has four S.F. locations and a roastery in South City.

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