Bacon Bacon Truck Gets Hype Hype

The first time I tried to go to Bacon Bacon Truck, the new food truck with a self-explanatory menu, I arrived too late. Fifty or sixty people already surrounded the truck, half of them holding up cameras to document their own scene. “What's the wait time? About an hour?” I asked one of them, and she nodded, and so I turned around and walked back to the car, passing a group of customers who'd decided to while away the time before their bacon-ified sandwiches arrived by smoking out.

For all the snarky foodistas who've declared bacon as over as Ricky Martin, it still draws a crowd. Bacon Bacon Truck didn't just send out a few Tweets and attract throngs of baconophiles. Now, in its second week, the online TV show Epic Meal Time has already filmed an episode on the truck, and tonight, the truck debuts at Off the Grid Upper Haight. When I stopped by 246 Ritch today to eat lunch, one of the customers was already wearing the truck's “You Had Me at Bacon” T-shirt.

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