Bacon Bacon Truck Seeks Customer Help to Fund Second Vehicle

“This is about bacon,” says Bacon Bacon founder Jim Angelus in the above video. “This is about you becoming a part of a lot of bacon.”

Angelus has turned to Kickstarter to ask the public for help. Specifically, he's looking for $25,000 in order to fund a second truck to add to the fleet of meat; his first has been roaming the streets since last summer.

While appreciative of any donation, whether at the entry $10 level or the dream spot of more than $10,000, Angelus is offering some enticing incentives for those ready to throw down serious cash. With a $500 donation, for example, you can create a new menu item that will be served for a month, while a $2,500 donation nets a six-course bacon tasting meal for up to 25 people, delivered within 30 miles of San Francisco. He'll go out of state for five figures.

The project has currently raised about 10% of its goal, with 28 days to go, so now would be a fine time for those so inclined to pledge allegiance to some bacon.

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