Bar Bambino Kicks Off Boxed Lunches, with Plans for a Roving Panino Bicycle in the Works

What'd we say about this being the year of the sandwich? Fish & Farm started takeaway lunches earlier this month, and now it's Bar Bambino's turn. The Mission cafe and wine bar (2931 16th St. at Mission) is taking orders for the $12 boxes, which contain panini filled with things like porchetta with onion relish and tuna with lemon aioli, plus a daily salad (farro, fregola, etc.), a dolce, and an Italian soda. They'll be available for pickup at the restaurant Tue.-Sat., or — for orders of 10 or more — hauled to you.

Possibly more exciting news is that plans are in the works for a cooler-equipped bicycle to rove the Mission, Boccalone Salumi Cycle-style. Though it's still a few months out, the bike's being designed and fabricated by Inglis Cycles of Napa. The look will be retro, though we trust it'll look sturdier than the one from The Bicycle Thieves. And, well, that no one will steal it.


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