Pizza Underground, at Fifth Arrow

The subterranean Union Square bar and its three bowling lanes are ready to serve you, right next to the brand-new venue August Hall.

Hot on the heels of the game-filled Tabletop Tap House, the former Slide space northwest of Union Square has gotten a leisure-driven makeover of its own.

Fifth Arrow, the below-ground buddy to upstairs music venue August Hall, is open with an impressive cocktail list, an even more impressive pizza list, and three bowling lines with vision-test instructions for how to bowl properly. “3 STRIKES AND YOU’RE NOT OUT,” one reads.

Like Tabletop, as well as Coin-Op Game Room and SPiN, it’s a place you’re likelier to find yourself at as part of a giant group than with just a couple friends after work. But even if you throw gutter balls into the gutter of the adjacent lane, it should still ping your happy-hour radar.

Photo by Michael David Rose

One good reason why is the Long Weekend, a well-balanced mix of blended scotch, pink grapefruit juice, lemon, tamarind, and a tropical IPA. We know a lot of places don’t like to make cocktails that involve beer, because they have to open the can or bottle and won’t necessarily pour the remainder into another drink before it goes war, and flat. So good on ya, Fifth Arrow. If you’d rather have something more along the lines of wine than beer, try a Dogtooth (white rum, pisco, lemon, Green Chartreuse, fortified wine, and lime).

While you can get decidedly non-pub-food like a little gem salad or a big old plate of pork cheek pappardelle, Executive Chef Joey Booterbaugh knows you’re also going to need something you can take a bite out of before effortlessly knocking down some pins. How about a pizza made from a dough that’s been fermented for three full days, then baked in a brick oven until its spots show? Both the Margherita and the salciccia come with buffalo mozzarella, which means the only things spared were the spares themselves.

Fifth Arrow, 430 Mason St.,

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