BarBack Olympics Makes Drinking a Legitimate Sport. Finally

On Sunday, 20 of the San Francisco Bay Area's best barbacks take center stage at Mezzanine in a series of challenges designed to replicate being deep in the weeds at the bar: bottle relay, ice bucket race, beer restocking race, and keg-changing. Sponsored, appropriately enough, by Fernet-Branca ― the bar and restaurant industry's drink of choice ― you can count on at least a few of the contestants running the course super-charged on shots of the black magic liqueur.

So far on the list of participating bars are representatives from 500 Club, 15 Romolo, Amante, Benders, Blur, Buckshot, Bullit, John Collins, Columbus Cafe, Eve, Hemlock, Hi-Fi Lounge, KozyKar, Mezzanine, The Parlor, RBar, Showdown, Smuggler's Cove, Som, Mr. Smith's, Temple, Tonic, Triple Crown, Hotel Utah, and Vertigo. We'll see if past winners Kevin Demattia (Zeigeist/Benders) and Christopher Pinedo (Mist) will make appearances to defend their titles.

Shirt-making, live music, dancers, and Fernet freebies sweeten this free event. Full drink specials menu as follows:

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