Barista Rage Incident at Java Beach Cafe

Confession: There've been times in line at Philz ― the pour-istas arguing about who was supposed to be watching the register or taking a break, or just chatting ― when we might have wanted to passive-aggressive sigh and walk out, but we'd never even think of going all Indiana Jones on anyone. Wish we could say as much for the woman who bull-whipped a barista at Java Beach Café recently. Our sister news blog, The Snitch, has the ugly details:

Police were summoned to the Java Beach Cafe earlier this month following the outburst. According to staff, after being told to leave, the female interloper hurled a chair at the cafe's manager — who is eight months pregnant — and then pulled out a leather “Indiana Jones-style whip” and cracked a female barista on the arm.

Fortunately the employee's just fine. Full story at The Snitch.

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