Beef Brisket Sandwich Offers a Whole New Reason to Visit Betty

Lunch alert, road-trip style: Yeah, you've stood in line at Bakesale Betty (5098 Telegraph at 51st St., Oakland) for the scones, fried chicken sandwiches, and Lamingtons. Now there's a fresh reason to jockey for a seat at one of the ironing board tables out front: the beef brisket sandwich ($7.75).

It's made a sporadic appearance on the menu since April. Packed with caramelized onions, creamy horseradish, potato chips (in the sandwich) and arugula, it's a hefty culinary marvel that can feed a famished adult for lunch — less hearty eaters just might eke out dinner from the half they don't finish. Oh, and be sure to get a puckery slushy lemon ice ($2.50) to go with.


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