Beijing BBQ is Out; Happy Dumplings to Be Part of Little Saigon Cafe

No sooner had we completed reading Jonathan Kauffman's rave review of the new Beijing BBQ in the Excelsior, and were salivating over the idea of a visit, to find that it had already closed. Not even open 10 days ― talk about a quick demise. We understand that the property is being transferred to new owners, no details on the cuisine and menu yet. And no changes to the original Beijing Restaurant at Alemany and Ocean.

In related lamb skewer news, the überpopular Happy Dumplings food stand (aka Yang Rou Chuan) at the Sunday Stonestown farmers' market is expanding. They plan to open Little Saigon Café at 670 Larkin Street, located next to Baguette Express. The space is very small, so we guess it'll be mostly a take-out operation like its neighbor next door. You'll be able to order not just dumplings and lamb kabob skewers, but also “home cooked meals,” too. This appears to be a collaboration, since Little Saigon promises to feature both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. We can't wait to see what they have in store.

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