Between Two Slices: Woodhouse Fish Co's Lobster Roll

A lobster roll at a music festival, eh? Welp, it is San Francisco after all.

After hearing my friend Tamara rave incessantly at Outside Lands about Woodhouse Fish Co's roll, I pondered the $20 meal ticket. I kept walking by the stand as I went from the Twin Peaks Stage to Panhandle Stage. The crispy, buttery sides of the split-top roll were staring at me. The chunks of lobster were big enough that I could make out the claws' contours and differentiate them from the tail pieces from afar. Finally on Sunday, I caved, happily and blissfully, just before seeing Givers play a 2:45 p.m. comeback set at Panhandle Stage. 

Woodhouse had their game on lock. They mixed the fresh lump of Maine lobster with lemon aioli  and celery on the spot (I'm told plain with melted butter is an option too), stuffing the roll until it was overflowing and sprinkling it with vibrant green chives. I swear there was like half a lobster's worth of meat in this thing. Every bite was a special treat as my teeth tore through the meaty crustacean chunks. This is why I love food!

Lobster rolls require a certain level of decision-making every time. Do you want to fork over $20 or so for a sandwich? Even I, a guy who laughs at the price of a sando in the $10-$15 range on the regular, occasionally balk. But when you do cross that barrier into sandwiches with prices starting with numbers higher than 1, you gotta make sure it's a memorable experience, and Woodhouse's Lobster Roll fits the bill. I've been thinking about it ever since I left Golden Gate Park for the weekend. That lobster roll made me wanna throw my hands up in the air and shout like the lovely Givers' Tiffany Lamson.

Woodhouse Fish Co., 1914 Fillmore, 415-437-2722 and 2072 Market, 415-437-2722.

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