Bi-Rite, Frances, Slanted Door, and Delfina All Cook for Mission High

Two years ago, when Mission High School had some of the lowest California Standards Test scores in the state, Principal Eric Guthertz promised the students that if they raised their scores, he'd get a tattoo of the school mascot. The school's overall score went up 10 points.

Last year, the newly inked principal held another rally where he challenged the kids to raise their scores again, proposing a list of rewards they could vote on ― they could film him dancing the Macarena, or he'd throw a big carnival with a dunk tank. A third proposal won by a landslide: Guthertz would have a famous chef cook them all lunch. This time, the school's average score went up 70 points ― the steepest jump in the city.

“As the school year rolled on, I realized that I had to come through on this challenge,” Guthertz told SFoodie. “Around January, Sam Mogannam from Bi-Rite called me about something else. I said, 'I need you to help me find a famous chef to cook lunch for my students.'”

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