BiBimBar: Fast, Fresh Korean in the FiDi

Now that SF Weekly offices have moved to the Financial District, we've been exploring the workday lunch options with some gusto. Among the favorites we've already found, the week-old BiBimBar in the newly re-opened International Food Court stands out. It offers rice bowls, cold soba noodle bowls, and (coming soon) ssam wraps topped with banchan and meats like bulgogi, spicy pork belly, marinated chicken, and jangjolim — all familiar Korean barbecue flavors made healthy and portable for the workday.

We tried a cold rice bowl (hot stone bowls are available for dine-in only) topped with spicy pork belly and the shop's signature spicy sauce. It was great: The shop didn't skimp on the spice in the pork belly or sauce, but the heat was alleviated by the healthy portion of fried rice, pickled radish, blanched bean sprouts, shredded egg, and fresh lettuce, red cabbage, and carrot slices.

Each bite was spicy and tangy, crunchy and soft, and intensely flavored — once we filled up we sealed it in its microwaveable bowl and set it aside for tomorrow. All attributes that make it a lunchtime winner in our book.

We'll be back once they perfect the ssam wraps.

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