Biscuit Bender Opens Ferry Building Kiosk

Last year, we encountered Van Dao, a baker with a penchant for jaunty hats and a business called Biscuit Bender, selling his goods on a folding table inside the Ferry Building. After expanding to provide his indulgent “biscuit pastries” to spots like Mission Cheese and Hollow Cafe, he now returns to the Ferry Building to open his own proper kiosk, located across the hall from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Biscuits ($1.50-7.50) range from sweet (flavors include cinnamon, peanut butter chocolate chip and there are desserts such as a seasonal biscuit pudding) to savory (wild mushroom, double bacon maple), with a frequently changing menu. Dao also serves classic buttermilk for those who want to play it safe, or you can choose to go crazy with sandwich creations like an open-faced pulled pork with bourbon glaze. Dao has added housemade jams, fruit butters, and drinks to this new venture.

Pending final approvals from the Health Department, Dao expects to open on September 7.

Biscuit Bender 1 Ferry Building (at Embarcadero)

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