Biscuits, Triple-X Hot Sauce, and Banh Xeo: New Weekend Brunch Options

Brunch ruts can set in without warning, till all of a sudden you're seated on a bolt-down at Just For You, scanning a menu you've studied dozens of times, thinking: WTF. Fortunately, like a fresh pot of coffee at the Bunn station, a new crop of local options is brewing. Among the more promising:

• Tomorrow marks the Saturday breakfast debut of 4505 Meats at Ferry Plaza. Tweet activity in the past hour from 4505's Ryan Farr lays it down: “It's on tomorrow morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmers market! If you like Biscuits & Gravy or Maple Breakfast Sausage baked in Brioche…”; and “…or add an egg to any or all of our plump sausages, cheeseburger or biscuits and gravy… mmmm I will see tomorrow morning, come hungry!”

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