Bitchin Kitchen's Nadia G, the Punk-Rock Julia Child

We had the pleasure of meeting a very bitchin' gal last week. Nadia G had just arrived in town from Montreal for BlogHer Food, where she was speaking on a panel called Be Your Own Food Network. You might ask yourself, What does this girl know about television and new media? The answer: a hell of a lot.

This spunky Italian broad living in Canada has been the first to successfully transition from a Web series to prime time. She beat out Coco (aka Conan O'Brien) in an award for best mobile comedy series, wrote The Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen and Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess (skirt!, 2009), has an online boutique, a show on Food Network Canada, and has just launched in American prime time with Bitchin Kitchen on the new Cooking Channel (channel 182 for Comcasters).

When we met Nadia she was wearing a leopard print vest and her signature bitchin ring. We began the conversation (she has the most interesting accent ever: grew up speaking Italian in a French city and went to English school) talking about style. She describes her style as rock and roll. She loves to make everything her own. Her recipe for life is food, comedy, and rock, and it's clear she combines them all on her show, not to mention her brand (um, hello, she has guitar spatulas).

After going off on a tangent about the New York Dolls, we discussed BlogHer Food and Nadia G's passion for new media and talking to women. She was also quite excited that Steamy Kitchen was going to be on her panel.

Within seconds of meeting Nadia G it was clear that the maple-glazed bacon apple doughnut from Dynamo Donuts was an essential stop on her visit to San Francisco. She took note of it on a napkin. We discussed food in Canada. What would surprise Americans most about Canadian cuisine? “How multicultural it is,” Nadia G says. “There are a lot of first-generation immigrants in Canada, so you can get food that is very authentic.

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