Biters, Vegan Sabotage: Just Another Day at Rainbow Grocery

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

The thing about Cheesemonger Gordon Edgar? The cheese buyer at Rainbow Grocery lets you live ― vicariously ― the weirdness of working at a place where, any bad shit happens, you immediately suspect a raging vegan. Seems Rainbow's cheese department has long suffered a “biter,” Edgar writes on his blog, Gordonzola, someone ― once you rule out rats ― chomping into plastic-wrapped hunks of mild cheddar and Monterey Jack, leaving a dental imprint. Edgar:

We sometimes get acts of sabotage in the cheese department. We assume its vegans of course. Sample toothpicks stuck into cheese on the shelf, cheese hidden out of refrigeration, that kind of thing. We don't get too much however, because our department also takes care of the vegan “cheese' and ― if I do say so myself ― we have the best vegan “cheese” selection in the city. Besides, a vegan wouldn't bite into cheese. Though a freegan might….

Oh, Rainbow, how we love you.

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