Bloodhound's Monday Night Smackdowns Fuse Meathead Football Action with Beer + Artisanal Pizza

Are you ready for some flat-crust? Tonight at Bloodhound (1145 Folsom Street at Seventh St.), football lovers will get a chance to try pizza from a wood-fired oven, run by the Pizza Politana folks. The SOMA bar announced the new Monday night bar program today, with this mantra-like promise: “For every Monday night football game. Pizza, beer, football” — an enticing trifecta. Pizza Politana uses a lot of fancy and organic stuff — it's the pizza of choice at the Thursday Ferry Plaza street-food and other farmers' markets. Bloodhound's Monday Night Smackdown starts at 5 p.m. — right about now (the bar opens at 4 p.m. daily), and includes all-night $3 drafts. And if tonight's Raiders-Chargers game turns out to be a snoozer — or if you find yourself with a bit more bloodlust than an NFL game can satisfy — you can always turn to the bar's Big Buck Hunter video animal shoot-up. Just saying.

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