Boccalone P.S.: Pork Butter

This creamy spread is delicious on crusty bread, toast, or crackers.

When I visited Boccalone to try their new sandwiches, they also gave me a tub of their new-to-me pork butter, which I was too full to try at the time. This is a concoction chef Chris Cosentino came up with to use the renderings, tasty bits of meat, skin, and whatnot left over from making lard, that would otherwise be wasted.

The renderings are puréed with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary, resulting in a creamy spread that tastes a lot like rillettes (French potted pork), only lighter. It's delicious on crusty bread or crackers, even better on warm toast. At $5 for a one-pound tub, it's one of the few bargains in the Ferry Building.

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