Bombay Bazar's New Location Now Serves Lunch and Snacks

Last November, water damage forced Valencia Street's Bombay Bazar and Ice Creamery to shut down and look for a new location. And when SFoodie reported on the market's reopening — just a block west of Rainbow Grocery, on the corner of South Van Ness and Division — Bombay Bazar was serving only pints of its ice cream and no hot food.

However, a few months later, the shelves of spices and household supplies are restocked, the scoops are back, and the owners have set up a small kitchen in back. During the day, they're preparing chaat — snacks like samosas with chickpeas and bhel puri, aka puffed-rice salad — and a $5.95 lunch special, which you can eat at tiny, shiny tables surrounded by bags of cumin. (Additional chaat such as pav bhaji, a sort of vegetable curry slider, are available on weekends.)

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