Brewcade's Frozen Grape Drank Is Surprisingly Elegant

bills itself, appropriately, as the city's first craft beer and arcade bar. Fair enough. They've got dozens of rare beers on draft and in bottles from origins near and far — ranging from cans brewed literally blocks away, to Belgian sours sourced from the other side of the globe. The vast, industrial space in the hip Duboce Triangle also houses nearly as many vintage arcade games, destined to recall your '80s upbringing. This alone would be a recipe for a fun night out. Yet somehow the biggest draw here might very well be their Sparkling Slushies.

[jump] Believe me, I know how ridiculous it sounds as I type it, but their comically titled Frozen Grape Drank, dispensed from a 7/11-styled Slurpee machine is worthy of significant praise. I've never had any interest in using the term spring break as a verb. I've never been in, nor do I intend to join, a fraternity. I've never used the term bro — ironically, or otherwise —in casual conversation. No matter. This cold concoction is genuinely, objectively tasty. It's not overly sweet. In fact, it offers a surprising dryness, thanks to its Brachetto base. The red Italian wine from the Piedmont weaves wondrously against the bitter backdrop of sparkling grapefruit wine and dry Reisling. It's dangerously drinkable, given its respectable alcohol content and $5 price tag.

As forward-thinking as we all hope to be, certain cocktails are hopelessly associated with specific segments of the drinking population. Frozen drinks are, for better or worse, a perennial source of ridicule, evocative as they are of Carnival Cruises or a 1990 prom after-party. But I dare you, regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or sorority affiliation, to deny the greatness of this beverage. And I double-dog dare you to resist dropping a few dollars' worth of quarters into Street Fighter 2 after you've downed a couple.

Brewcade, 2200 Market St., #102.

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