Burger Battle Going Down in Mission Oct. 21-22

Heads up, burger fans: You're about to get a twofer. On Tuesday, Oct. 21 and Wednesday, Oct. 22, burgermaster Chris Kronner will be popping up in the ABV kitchen. He'll be working alongside ABV chef Kevin Cimino, who makes a mean pimento cheese burger in his own right, so hungry patrons like you and me will be able to judge for ourselves which burger reigns supreme in the bar that night.

[jump] You could even stack them in between one another, as contributor Omar Mamoon did with the Kronnerburger and 4505 Burger at the SF Street Food Fest, though we recommend just eating them like normal humans.

In other burger news, pop-up king Wes Rowe has revamped the menu at The Lookout (!), so now you can get a Wes Burger with ground brisket patty topped with American cheese, fried onions, pickles, and mustard there any day of the week — no more waiting for Wednesdays at Mojo to get your fix.

Oh, here's the rad poster for the Kburger/ABV match up:

[via Inside Scoop]

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