Burma Superstar Comes Down on Burmese Food Truck

Remember Burmese Gourmet, the new Burmese food truck in SoMa that SFoodie wrote about a few weeks back? When we were chatting with the truck's owner, William Lue, before telling him we were a reporter for the SF Weekly, he mentioned that he started Burma Superstar several owners before Desmond Htunlin and Joycelyn Lee turned it into a popular business; he wished them all the luck in their success. We reported Lue's statement on the blog, reproducing the post in print.

Well, Burma Superstar was not pleased. Not pleased at all. They've delivered Lue a cease-and-desist letter for even mentioning his connection to Burma Superstar. Before the letter went out, the lawyer contacted me, and I informed him that this was not Lue's formal marketing pitch, just a remark he made to my friend and me while we waited for our food. Lue was quite specific about the chain of ownership.

Today, I received a copy of the cease-and-desist letter, which includes the following paragraphs:

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