Burritos for Haiti at La Taqueria Menudo!

San Francisco's restaurant industry has dived into fundraising for Haiti earthquake relief with a fervor that is alternately heartwarming and suspect (Eater SF is maintaining a long list of promotions). Bar crawls, bake sales, wine tastings … seems that everything food-obsessed San Franciscans normally do can now support the cause.

Many of us, however, don't have $80 for a prix-fixe benefit dinner (well, or we'd rather donate that money directly to worthy organizations). After spotting this banner above the door at La Taqueria Menudo in the Excelsior this afternoon, I walked inside to ask about it. The counterperson said that the owner's donating a certain percentage of the taqueria's daily sales to relief organizations. In truth, she wasn't sure what the exact percentage is, and the owner wasn't around to ask (if you're the owner of La Taqueria Menudo, let us know in the comments section).

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