Cafe Reverie Isn't Connected, Though You Might End Up That Way

Why would someone in this tech-savvy city go to a Wi-Fi-free café? Here are a few reasons: 1) so you can actually get some writing and reading done without Internet distractions; 2) so you can peacefully enjoy food and a warm beverage; and 3) so you can have a chance at sparking your very own Missed Connection.

Café Reverie's top three Yelp reviews reveal the highlights of the place: the back patio, the ahi salad, and Craig Newmark. Yes, that would be THE Craig of Craigslist. Apparently the Internet revolutionary is a regular at this charming, Internet-free café. In fact, Newmark is even Café Reverie's mayor on Foursquare.

For us singletons, the logic is simple: The closer we are, physically, to the godfather of the Missed Connection, the closer we are, potentially, to a missed connection all our own. Guess where we're headed with this?

You walk in and a super-hot guy working the coffee bar takes your order. Whatever you end up with is likely to be nice — the ahi salad has been praised by many, our own Jonathan Kauffman recommends the green pozole. Really, nothing on the menu will disappoint.

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